Signiant Flight Deck

Signiant Flight Deck builds on the functionality of Manager+Agents, Signiant's powerful and proven file transfer solution that forms the core transport backbone of most major media companies. With the inclusion of Signiant Flight and connection to Signiant's intelligent control plane and Signiant Console, Flight Deck uses cloud technology to offer robust SaaS capabilities. The Signiant Console provides access to reporting data, backup data, and visibility into your subscription usage.

This documentation set covers all supported versions of Flight Deck and Manager+Agents.
Flight Deck Hero

About SigniantSigniant’s intelligent file movement software helps the world’s top content creators and distributors ensure fast, secure delivery of large files over public and private networks. Built on Signiant’s patented technology, the company’s on-premises software and SaaS solutions move petabytes of high-value data every day between users, applications and systems with proven ease.LEARN MORE