Flight Deck Backup and Restore

Registering your Manager with a Flight Deck subscription allows you to back up your Manager to Signiant-provided cloud storage.

For more information about registering your Manager in the Signiant Console, see Registering Your Manager.

Once you have registered your Manager, you can generate credentials in the Signiant Console, then use the credentials to create a storage profile which is required to create a Flight Deck backup job. Once you have created a storage profile, you can assign a Flight Gateway enabled Agent to transfer the backup data to Flight Deck, where it can be viewed and downloaded.

Enabling Flight Gateway

Flight Deck subscriptions provide a license to use Signiant Flight Gateway to securely send data to cloud storage. To back up your Manager to Flight Deck, one of your Agents must have Flight Gateway installed and enabled.

To enable Flight Gateway:

  1. Download and Install Flight Gateway on an Agent.

  2. In the Manager, select Administration > Agents > List.

  3. Select and Edit the Flight Gateway enabled Agent.

  4. Click to open the Object Storage tab.

  5. Click Enable Flight Gateway and enter the Server and Port number.

  6. Click OK.

Note: Many Agents can be configured using localhost and 8443 as their Server and Port values. For assistance configuring Flight Gateway, contact Signiant Support.

For more information on Flight Gateway, see the Flight Gateway Overview.

Creating a Flight Deck Storage Profile

Like Object Mover, Flight Deck backups require a storage profile to define a cloud storage location. To create a storage profile, you must use the backup credentials from the Signiant Console.

Before creating a Flight Deck storage profile, ensure that Flight Gateway is installed and enabled on the Agent transferring backups to Flight Deck. For more information, see the Object Mover Overview.

To generate backup credentials:

  1. In the Signiant Console, click Managers.

  2. Hover over the Manager and click .

  3. Click Generate backup credentials. Click to generate backup credentials

  4. Click Generate.

  5. In a new browser window or tab, log into the Manager.

  6. Create an AWS S3 Storage Profile using the backup credentials provided in the Signiant Console.

Once you have generated a storage profile, you can back up your Manager to Flight Deck.

Viewing Backups

Manager backups are displayed on the Backups & Restore page in the Signiant Console.

The backups and restore page show a table of jobs that show the job name, backup date, and version

All Flight Deck backups are available on the Backup & Restore page, allowing you to restore a Manager to a previous state.

Downloading Backups

Restoring a Manager requires you to download the backup .jar archive from cloud storage using the Signiant Control utility from the command line.

To download a Manager backup:

  1. In the Signiant Console, click Backup & Restore.

  2. Locate the Manager backup you want to restore.

  3. Click the download icon.

    The download button is a downward arrow with a horizontal line

  4. Select your operating system and click Download.

  5. Download the backup configuration file.

  6. Copy the application and configuration file to the Manager.

  7. Expand the application .zip or .tar.gz file.

  8. Download the Manager backup:

    Linux: Run ./sigctl -copy config.json -target.address . at the command line on the Manager.

    Windows: Run sigctl.exe -copy config.json -target.address . at the command line on the Manager.

Once the backup is downloaded, you can restore your Manager.

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