Signiant Flight Gateway Overview

Signiant Flight solves speed and reliability problems commonly encountered when transporting data sets to and from the cloud. Flight Gateway optimizes HTTP-based transfers with any cloud service deployed in Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure ensuring a fast transfer across any distance.

Flight Gateway is an on-premises software server, acting as a TCP acceleration proxy for applications using AWS and Azure clients. Flight Gateway accelerates TCP traffic over a UDP tunnel created between the gateway and appropriate Flight cloud servers, ending at any number of Azure and AWS HTTPS service endpoints.

Network Architecture

Flight Gateway uses a HTTPS control connection and Signiant's UDP data connections to optimize transfers to a cloud service endpoint via the Flight service.

Flight Gateway Network Process Flow

This diagram shows a simplified view of the network architecture. Individual services are regionally redundant and scalable.

Flight Gateway

A Flight Gateway converts TCP traffic to Signiant Protocol UDP traffic, and routes traffic through the regional Flight servers closest to a service endpoint. When starting a transfer, Flight Gateway connects to the Signiant Flight service to verify the transfer destination, and then connects to Flight transport services to determine the appropriate Flight server to use.

A single Flight Gateway can interact with more than one Azure and AWS HTTPS service endpoint.

Flight Transport Services

Signiant's Flight transport services work in conjunction with Flight Gateways to determine which region to use. Flight Gateways establish the UDP tunnel and forward content to service endpoints via Flight transport services in the closest region to the service endpoint. Signiant has dedicated infrastructure that scales to meet transfer demands in each supported cloud provider region ensuring an optimized data transfer.

Flight Service

Administrators use the Flight service to manage their service endpoints and gateways to allow the transfer of data to their cloud resources using a Flight Gateway. Administrators can also add other members as Flight administrators.

Service Endpoints

A service endpoint is a URL to a cloud object storage account where Flight Gateway will upload and download data. Creating an endpoint allows a cloud object storage account to register for use through Flight Gateway. Any transfers to an endpoint count towards your account's purchased Flight payload.

Note: Configure storage lifecycle maintenance jobs on your destination endpoints to automatically delete incomplete multipart transfers to prevent failed uploads from using additional storage.

Third-Party Clients

Flight Gateway supports transfers via HTTP. This allows you to configure any third-party application to use Flight Gateway as a proxy. You can configure a third-party client such as Amazon AWS CLI or Microsoft AzCopy for Linux or Windows.

Technical Overview

  • Flight Gateway is available for Amazon Linux, RedHat/CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16, and Windows Server 2016.

  • For gateways installed on a 10 Gbps network, a server with a 16 core Intel Xeon processor is recommended.

  • Flight Gateway supports HTTP and HTTPS transfers.

  • To use Flight Gateway your firewall must allow the Gateway to connect to Signiant services on ports 49221-49420 (UDP), 443 (TCP), and 49221 (TCP).

  • Flight Gateway accepts incoming requests from your third-party client software on ports 8000 (HTTP) and 8443 (HTTPS).

For more information, see Flight Gateway's System Requirements.