Managing Storage Profiles

A storage profile defines an endpoint and a file path that can be used in one or more jobs. The Storage page allows you to view all storage profiles, including the endpoints, file paths, and number of jobs associated with each storage profile. On the Storage page, you can also create and delete storage profiles.

The Storage Profiles page displays all storage profiles with their details

Creating Storage Profiles

Storage profiles can be created on the Storage page or in the Create Storage Profile dialog when adding a job.

To create a storage profile:

  1. In your Jet management console, click Storage.
  2. Click the Add button to open the Create Storage Profile dialog.

    The Add button is on the upper left of the Storage page table

  3. Select an endpoint from the Endpoints list.

    The endpoints section is on the left side of the Create Storage Profile dialog

  4. Specify a path to the source folder in the File Path panel.

    You can browse or directly specify a path using the storage location list on the right side of the Create Storage Profile dialog

  5. Choose a custom name for the Storage Profile (optional).
  6. Click Select.

Once a storage profile is created, the associated endpoint and file path can be reused as a source or destination for any job.

If a custom name is not set, the storage profile will use the same name as the selected folder. If no folder is selected in the File Path panel, the default storage profile name will be the endpoint name.

Deleting Storage Profiles

To delete a storage profile:

  1. On the Storage page, hover over the storage profile you want to delete.
  2. Click More Options.

    The more options menu appears when you hover over a storage profile.

  3. Click Delete and confirm the deletion.

Note: Before you can delete a storage profile, you must delete all jobs associated with the profile.

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