Configuring Endpoints

Endpoints are individual file storage locations that send or receive files backed by Signiant SDCX Server software. The Endpoints page displays a list of your registered endpoints, their Visibility level, Status, and Version.

The Endpoints menu displays endpoints registered to your account.

Creating Endpoints

To create a new endpoint:

  1. On the Endpoints page, click the Add button.

Add Button Highlight on Endpoints Page

  1. On the New Endpoint page, enter an Endpoint Name.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select a server or to Configure server after creation.
  3. Click Create.

Assigning Servers to Endpoints

All endpoints must be associated with a Signiant SDCX Server and route before they can be used to perform jobs.

To assign a server to an endpoint:

  1. Download and install the Signiant SDCX Server software to the server.
  2. On the Endpoints page, click the endpoint name to configure its storage.
  3. Click Select Server to display the server list.
  4. Select a server to assign to the endpoint.

Server list with a server selected

  1. Click Assign.

Once a server is assigned to an endpoint, you can begin using jobs to transfer files.

Setting Endpoint Visibility

The Visibility level sets the access level associated with the endpoint.

Note: Only Private endpoints are supported at this time.

Deleting Endpoints

Before you can remove an endpoint, you must delete all jobs associated with the endpoint.

To delete an endpoint:

  1. On the Endpoints page, hover over the endpoint you want to delete.

  2. Click More Options.

    The more options menu displays when you hover over an endpoint

  3. Click Delete and confirm the deletion.

Note: When an endpoint associated with a route is deleted, the route becomes invalid and can no longer be used.