Combining Jet and Media Shuttle in Workflows

Jet provides automated transfers between systems and can be combined with Signiant Media Shuttle to acquire and distribute content. Linking both Signiant applications can help you build workflows that extend from internal company systems to external resources, partners, and customers.

Content Acquisition Workflow

In a content acquisition workflow, Media Shuttle and Jet can be linked to receive content from external sources into an internal corporate network. This allows content to be submitted to a location that acts as both a Media Shuttle Share or Submit portal and as a Jet source endpoint, which both use the Signiant SDCX Server software. By transferring files through this common location in a perimeter network, submitted content can move automatically into an internal workflow while maintaining a secure corporate network.

A Media Shuttle to Jet acquisition workflow includes:

  • A Media Shuttle Share or Submit portal with a storage path that points to a location within a perimeter network
  • A Jet job that uses the portal storage location as its source endpoint

content acquisition diagram

When content arrives in the Media Shuttle portal in the perimeter network, it is added to the Jet source hot folder. This starts an automatic transfer of the content to the destination endpoint located on the internal corporate network. Once the content is received at the destination endpoint, additional Jet jobs can move the content through internal systems.

Content Distribution Workflow

In a content distribution workflow, automated transfers driven by Jet can send content from an internal system to Media Shuttle users. Content is distributed through a location within the perimeter network that acts as a Jet destination endpoint and as a Media Shuttle Send or Share portal, using the Signiant SDCX Server software. This workflow can transfer finished assets from an internal asset management system to customers in distributed locations. It can also be used to distribute files that are part of a larger workflow that includes their reacquisition at a later time.

A Jet to Media Shuttle distribution workflow includes:

  • A Jet job that has its source endpoint on the company's internal network and its destination endpoint in the perimeter network
  • A Send or Share portal with a storage path that points to the same location as the destination endpoint for the Jet job

content distribution diagram

In this distribution workflow, the Media Shuttle System-to-Person Automation API integrates both Signiant applications. When a Jet job transfers content to the destination endpoint in the perimeter network, that content also becomes available within the portal storage. The System-to-Person API creates a Media Shuttle package that is populated with the content. The system then sends a generated URL to a user who can then download the content.