Viewing Logs

Jet provides logging during installation and all other related processes that track server activity. Logs contain application activity that can be used to debug and troubleshoot transfer errors.

Working with Signiant Support frequently requires log file analysis to identify and fix possible issues.

Each installation of a Signiant SDCX Server requires Signiant Flight software as related dependency. Both applications provide logs to record transfer events and software installation.

Application and component logs are stored in different locations on Linux and Windows:

Linux: /var/log/signiant/
Windows: C:\Program Files\Signiant\logs\

The main signiant or logs folder separates logs based on each individual Jet process component:

  • Jet Server
  • Signiant Communication Service
  • Flight Gateway
  • Flight Server

Note: Linux installations of the SDCX server bundles Flight Gateway and Flight Server within a single flight directory.

Jet Server

The Jet Server component includes the following log types:

  • jet-installation - Component installation
  • jet-server - Communication between the Jet application and the client and server
  • jet-storageclient - Source endpoint transfer activity
    • Source log format: jet-storageclient-<date>-<transfer_id>.log
  • jet-storageserver - Destination endpoint transfer activity
    • Destination log format: jet-storageserver-<date>-<transfer_id>.log

Signiant Communication Service

The Signiant Communication Service component includes the following log types:

  • signiant-communication-service-install - Component installation
  • signiant-communication-service - Communication service activity

The signiant-communication-service log rolls over each day, keeping the previous five days of logs as numbered log files.

Flight Server and Flight Gateway

Flight Gateway allows accelerated transfers via UDP between source and destination endpoints. Flight Server interprets the UDP transfer to TCP so that it can be received by Jet Server.

The Flight Server and Flight Gateway components include the following log types:

  • flight-gateway-install - Flight Gateway installation
  • flight-server-install - Flight Server installation
  • flight-gateway - Outbound UDP transfer activity
  • flight-server - Incoming UDP transfer activity

Windows installations also include flight-gateway-service and flight-server-service logs which contain information about the services used by Flight to accelerate transfers.

Signiant SDCX Server

Signiant SDCX Servers are based on the same technology as Media Shuttle Storage Servers, and use many of the same components.

Log locations:

Linux: /usr/Signiant_Media_Shuttle/log
Windows: C:\Program Files\Signiant Media Shuttle\log

The Signiant SDCX Server creates logs related to daily transfers and activity.

  • Signiant_SDCX_Server_Install.log - SDCX Server installation
  • mediashuttle.log - Media Shuttle transfer activity
  • dds_pc - Signiant Process Control activity
  • dds_udp_relay - Signiant UDP Relay Service for Media Shuttle activity
  • prtcl_servers - Transfer protocol information
  • sigfgw_logs - Flight Gateway service initialization and monitoring
  • sigfs_logs - Flight Server service initialization and monitoring
  • sigjet_logs - Jet Server service initialization and monitoring
  • tomcat - Local web service activity for server registration and initialization

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