Post-Transfer Actions

Adding an optional post-transfer action to a job allows an automated task to be performed after a transfer completes. Post-transfer actions can be applied if the source endpoint is running Signiant SDCX Server version 3.5.0 or above.

Selecting Delete After Transfer removes the source files from the source storage profile once they have transferred. Deleting files automatically after transfer completion provides source endpoint cleanup and reduces disk space usage, which improves source performance.

Selecting Move After Transfer allows you to move the transferred files to a second storage profile on the source. Moving files after completing a transfer allows you to keep your hot folder empty and only transfer files as they are placed in the hot folder, or kick off a secondary transfer based on the destination folder using a separate job.

Any post-transfer action applied to a job appears in the job information panel on the Job Details page.

To apply a post-transfer action to a job:

  1. When adding a job, select or create a Source Storage Profile.
  2. Select a Post-Transfer Action from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select a storage profile to move transferred files to, if required.

Note: If a job is unable to perform a post-transfer action, the action will not be retried.

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