Viewing Job Details

Once a job is created, you can view its job details by clicking on the job name on the Jobs page.

The Job Details page displays a list of File Transfers associated with the job, and overall Job Information.

Each tab lists files included in the transfer based on their current status:

  • In Progress: Files currently transferring to the destination endpoint.
  • Completed: Files successfully transferred to the destination endpoint.
  • Errors: Files unable to transfer to the destination endpoint.

Note: If a file that was unable to complete transferring later finishes, the file will appear on the Completed tab, and not on the Errors tab.

Job Summary

The In Progress tab displays a job summary bar which includes statistics on the number of files in progress and in the queue, an estimated completion time for in progress and queued files, and the current average transfer rate.

The Job Details Page, highlighting the job status bar

You can search for files on the Completed and Errors tabs. Once a file has finished transferring or has failed to transfer, use the search box to enter part of a file name to see files matching your search.

Job search appears on the Completed and Errors tabs

File search is currently limited to the first 10,000 files, and returns a maximum of 100 results on the Job Details page. When more than 100 files are returned, the total number of search results is displayed.

Note: You can also search across multiple jobs by using the file search on the Jobs page.

File Transfers

The file transfers section on each tab displays files associated with the current job.

The Job Details Page, highlighting the file transfers area, focused on Active Transfers

Note: On the Completed tab, the Completed Files total includes both files and folders.

Job Information

The job information panel on each tab includes the overall job status, the route type, when the job was last modified, a list of the source and destination endpoints included in the job, and bandwidth controls.

Any post-transfer action applied to a job will appear in the Source section of the job information panel.

Job details, highlighting the job information panel

Note: Jobs with a manual job trigger also include a start button to start the transfer.

Job Notifications

The Watch menu allows you to receive email notifications about transfer activity.

Click to open the Watch menu.

The watch icon is represented by an eye, above the job name in the job information panel

Click Start watching this job to send transfer notifications to your email address. To stop watching a job, click to open the watch menu and select Stop watching job.

Hot Folder Summary Emails

When selecting to watch a Hot Folder job, you must select a reporting period for transfer notification emails.

hot folder summary schedule

When a transfer completes, a notification email will be sent at the end of the selected notification period. Any additional transfers that complete during that period are also included in the notification email.

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