Configuring Agent Groups

When a job is run using an Agent group, the primary Agent transfers data to or from each Agent in the group. You must add members, assign permissions, and enable storage before running a job in an Agent group.

Adding or Editing an Agent Group

To add or edit an Agent group:

  1. In your Manager, navigate to Administration > Agents > Groups.
  2. Click Add for a new group, or click Edit to change an existing group.
  3. Configure the properties on the General, Members, Permissions, and Object Storage tabs as applicable.

General tab

On the General tab you can define the Agent Group Name, Description and any Organization for the Agent group.

You must enable Load Balance Members to use an Agent group with object storage. Load balancing connects to all machines in the Agent group and chooses the first that responds, as it most likely has the lightest load or the fastest network path. You cannot change the load balance setting for an Agent group if one of its jobs is in progress.

With Load Balance Members selected, you can enable either S3 Compatible Object Storage or Flight Gateway.

Members tab

To add an Agent to an Agent group, select an Agent in Available Agents and Groups and add it to the list of Selected Agents and Groups.

You can Remove, Edit or Copy the items in the list of Selected Agents and Groups. You can also sort and filter Agents and groups using the column headings.

Permissions tab

Permissions allow administrators to control user and group access to management objects. For information on enabling permissions, see Managing Users.

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