Release Notes for Manager+Agents

What's New in Manager+Agents 14.0

Updated July 27, 2019

Manager+Agents 14.0 includes an update to system requirements including support for Windows Server 2019.

This release includes enhancements to Manager job scaling and reliability previously available as opt-in options as the default configuration. This includes overall capacity improvements for creating jobs using the REST API.

Note: Version 14.0 of Manager+Agents uses storage profiles to work with object storage. If using the Web Transfer API to transfer to S3 compatible storage, you may need to reconfigure your application to work with storage profiles. If you are unsure if this applies to your deployment, do not upgrade.

For more information, see Configuring Agents.

  • Rules Server and Manager Logs: Improved rules server and logging in the Manager. Manager logging now provides feedback for long-running maintenance queries.
  • Job Labels: Job Label view performance has been improved.
  • Rules server performance caching enhancements: Increased job queue performance in the Rules Server.

Template caching in Manager+Agents 14.0 increases job completion rate of 300 jobs from 30% to 100%

  • S3 Compatible Storage: Storage profiles are now available for S3 compatible storage. You can now use the same Agent to transfer to more than one S3 compatible storage device.
  • REST API: Job API queries now return totalRuns in the response body.
  • Manager infrastructure: Oracle JDK has been replaced with OpenJDK.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue to allow immediate job cancellation.
  • Fixed an issue where subfolder value in the job prompts is cut off if the profile subfolder value starts with forward slash.
  • Fixed an issue to support XML markup in multi-line TextField prompt.
  • Media Mover jobs using Skip Source File Not Found On Send no longer fail due to missing files.
  • Media Exchange Maintenance no longer fails when there are a large number of packages queued for deletion.
  • Fixed an issue to allow a larger number jobs to be suspended or resumed via REST without causing a timeout.

End Of Life

Manager+Agents 12.x

Manager+Agents 12.x is now at end of life. Customers currently on Release 12 are encouraged to upgrade to version 13 or later. Numerous enhancements and bug fixes are offered in newer releases.

For more information, see the End of Life Schedule.

Manager+Agents Legacy Templates

Legacy job templates are no longer supported as of Manager+Agents 14.0. To determine whether you have legacy templates in use:

In the Manager, navigate to Jobs > Templates and click the Legacy column header to sort templates by legacy status.

If you have any legacy job templates in use, contact Signiant Customer Support before upgrading to Manager+Agents 14.0.

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