Release Notes for Manager+Agents 13.5

What's New

Updated April 25, 2019

  • The getJob REST API endpoint now returns job completion status information.

  • A new scheduler option allows you to automatically delete jobs after they have run.

  • Object Mover is now supported for macOS Agents.

  • Object Mover jobs created through the REST API can use a storage profile name to authorize access to an endpoint.

  • You can now choose to opt in to IPv6 Support by editing the signiant.ini configuration files.

  • Scheduler performance has been improved through SQL index usage.

  • Job View performance is improved.

  • Object Agent workflow dynamically adjusts memory allocation to improve download performance.

  • All product documentation requires a device with an Internet connection.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a scheduler issue to resolve a race condition causing jobs to fail.

  • Fixed a REST API issue where a connection remains open when using CommandForJob.

  • Fixed a date modification issue with Object Agents on Microsoft Azure.

  • Fixed an issue related to profile subfolders named with a forward slash (/).

  • Improved XML multi-line text field support.

  • Fixed an issue where rules server log fills with “session not found” messages.

  • Fixed a buffer overflow vulnerability. (CVE-2019-8996)

  • Media Exchange - Fixed an issue causing jobs to not display correctly in the UI.

  • Media Exchange - Fixed an issue causing jobs to fail with forwarded packages.