Media Mover Overview

About Media Mover

Media Mover provides accelerated transfer of files and folders between Agents. Any Agent on any supported platform can perform transfers using Media Mover's standard job templates.

Media Mover also provides support for file operations as part of a job workflow.

Before you can transfer files using Media Mover, you must add and configure your jobs using one of the four Media Mover job types. You must also configure any Agent groups for local storage.

Job Types

Media Mover offers four job types:

MediaDropBox - Transfers files from a set location on an Agent to another destination Agent or workflow

MediaAggregator - Aggregates files via transfers to a single Agent from multiple source Agents

MediaDistributor - Distributes files via file transfer to multiple destination Agents from a source Agent

MediaReplicator - Replicates a large number of files across Agents from a source Agent