Enabling Multiple Ports for a Storage Server

The default Media Shuttle storage configuration sends all transfers through UDP port 49221. Allowing Media Shuttle Storage Server to access multiple UDP ports can increase throughput for file transfers.

The resulting performance improvements depend on your configuration. Full bandwidth should be available when multiple transfers are running concurrently, but performance may be limited by other constraints, such as disk, CPU, or memory allocations.

Before enabling multiple ports ensure that:

  • Substantial bandwidth (> 500 Mbps) is available for Signiant traffic.
  • UDP port range 49221-49321 is open on your firewall.
  • Your storage server is installed with an fully qualified domain name.
  • The Signiant App can resolve the hostname of the Media Shuttle Storage Server to an IP address that is routable to the server.

To enable multiple ports:

  1. In your Account Administration Console, click on the Storage tab.
  2. In the Locations list, hover over a storage server and click More Options.
  3. From the menu, select Network Configuration.
  4. Select Multiple ports (may improve throughput).