Using Shared Storage with a Storage Server

There are two methods for setting up a storage server to use a shared storage location via a UNC path.

You can configure the shared storage file server to allow access when using accounts local to the storage server, e.g. the local System account, or you can configure the Media Shuttle Process Controller and Web Server services to run as an account that has access to the shared storage.

If you configure the Media Shuttle services, the account must be a member of the server’s local administrators group. It must be able to run a service and have access to the file server and files.

Testing Access

To test if the account has access to files:

  1. Restart your computer.
    Note: This test is best performed immediately after system startup as Windows can cache credentials in your login session.
  2. Log into the server as this account.
  3. Navigate to the shared storage directory.
  4. If you are prompted for login credentials, adjust the account permissions to remove the login requirement.

Once your account is properly configured, you can use shared storage via a UNC path.

Linux: //<servername>/<path>
Windows: \\<servername>\<path>