About Media Shuttle

Media Shuttle is an easy to use software solution to transfer large files across networks. Media Shuttle allows you to quickly and securely upload and download content using cloud-based or on-premises storage, without worrying about size limits or security risks associated with moving high-value content.

Media Shuttle file transfers can be accelerated using the Signiant App, a free download available for macOS and Windows.

Media Shuttle Portal Types

Media Shuttle allows you to transfer content using one of three portal types:

  • Send portals allow for fast person-to-person file transfers.
  • Share portals make it easy to upload and download files within a storage location.
  • Submit portals provide a way for users to submit files using a simplified upload.

How you send and receive content depends on the type of portal you are using. Each portal type includes different transfer options you can use when sending and receiving content to and from storage or other portal members. Available transfer options are described in the articles on Send, Share, and Submit portals.

Portal administrators can invite users to transfer content using a Media Shuttle portal by sending them an activation email.