Transferring Content Without the Signiant App

You may want to transfer files without the use of the Signiant App if a locked-down corporate IT environment makes it impractical for end users to install the application, or if end users need to access files on an unsupported platform, such as a tablet or phone.

The option to transfer files without having the Signiant App installed can be enabled on a per-portal basis in the Account Administration Console.

Feature Support

Media Shuttle file transfers can only be accelerated through the use of the Signiant App. Other features receive full, partial or no support when the Signiant App is not installed.

Full Support

FeatureWith AppWithout App
Email NotificationsYesYes
File HistoryYesYes
Proxy SupportYesYes
Tracking and LoggingYesYes
Approved Signiant Browser/OS SupportYesYes

Limited Support

FeatureWith AppWithout App
Active Transfer Visibility from Ops adminYesLimited
File Size LimitsNonePractical limits based on time
Files and FoldersMany files, foldersSingle file
Portal StorageLocal, Cloud Object StorageLocal, Cloud Object Storage
Transfer Duration LimitsNoNo
Debug LoggingYesLimited
Resume Interrupted TransfersYesLimited, provided by browser
Unapproved Signiant Browser/OSNoPermitted but may not work

No Support

FeatureWith AppWithout App
Auto DeliveryYesNo
Content Protection (Encrypted Deliveries Using Send Portals)YesNo

Prerequisites for Local Storage

The no client option is available if you have signed the latest cloud object storage addendum. This service securely routes content through the Media Shuttle cloud, allowing the use of the no client service without opening inbound firewall rules to your storage server.

The storage server software and the end user must be able to make HTTPS 443 connections outbound.

To enable this option, you must be running version 2.2.1. or higher of the storage server. You can check your installed storage server version in your Account Administration Console.

Note: Upgrade your storage server to at least version 2.0 before upgrading to version 2.2.1. If not already using version 2.0 or higher, restart your storage server. The storage server should download and install the latest version on restart.