Enabling Auto Delivery

Auto Delivery enables automatic upload and download of content on Share portals. Files and folders placed in a specified local portal folder are uploaded to the portal repository without portal member intervention. Alternatively, files and folders shared on the portal are automatically downloaded to the specified local portal folder.

Auto Delivery is restricted to a single user, single machine, single portal and single direction. To use Auto Delivery on multiple machines, portal members require multiple valid Media Shuttle credentials.

Auto Delivery works with SAML-enabled portals starting with the version 1.3x of the Signiant App.

To enable Auto Delivery:

  1. On the General tab in your Portal Administration Console, enable Allow automatic file transfers.
  2. On the Members tab, assign the Auto Delivery permission to each member.

When you add a portal member, you are prompted to specify their home folder. When a portal is configured to use object-based cloud storage, you must select a folder other than Portal Root as the portal member’s home folder.

Once Auto Delivery is available to portal members, Signiant App appears in the portal's tray bar or task bar. Portal members can then enable Auto Delivery by clicking the Automatic toggle, and then choosing the transfer direction and a folder to use. A portal member must have a valid web session to enable Auto Delivery. With this valid session in place, enabling Auto Delivery creates a special authorization token. This authorization token is kept with the Signiant App in the .json configuration file and it is used to authenticate the Signiant App for Auto Delivery.

Portal members must be logged in for Auto Delivery to work. If a portal member is offline when adding content to a monitored folder it will it be uploaded as soon as the Auto Delivery client can connect to Media Shuttle.

When first configured, the Auto Delivery client downloads everything in the portal member's home folder. Subsequently, the Auto Delivery client only downloads items it has not previously downloaded.

For uploads, the Signiant App detects files immediately. For downloads, the Signiant App checks for new files five minutes after it completes an Auto Delivery transfer, and then every five minutes after that.

Tracking Auto Delivery Information

The Auto Delivery tracking information is stored on the disk of the computer running the Auto Delivery download.

Windows: %APPDATA%\Signiant\Manifest\user@example.com\portalid.json
OS X: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Signiant/Manifest/user@example.com/portalid.json

Note: If you disable Auto Delivery, this file is retained so that if you later re-enable Auto Delivery, it will not download files that were previously downloaded.

If you erase the delta tracking file, the Signiant App will download all files from the portal configured for Auto Delivery download. The delta tracking file is not used by the Auto Delivery upload process.