Enabling CloudSpeX

CloudSpeX allows you to restrict the file types that can be uploaded to your portal. You can choose from a range of delivery specifications in your Portal Administration Console at <yourURL>.mediashuttle.com/admin. To create a custom specification, email specifications@mediashuttle.com.

CloudSpeX-enabled portals are not compatible with Auto Delivery.

To enable CloudSpeX:

  1. On the CloudSpeX tab, choose Validate against the following specifications.
  2. Select one or more delivery specifications from the list. For specification details, click the Information icon at the end of the row.
  3. Click Save Changes.

To disable CloudSpeX, select No validation.

When CloudSpeX is enabled, the selected delivery specification types are displayed in your portal.

Delivery Specification Types:

  • Required and optional file types - Only files with the specified file extension(s) can be uploaded.
  • Required and optional number of files of each type - Specification parameters may be up to, exactly, more than, or a range.
  • Required file prefix - All files in the upload must start with the same set of characters, as determined by the name of a key file of a specified file type. For example, if a MXF file is called MyMovie_Day2.mxf, you can require that all other files start with MyMovie.
  • Required file attributes - One or a range of file metadata attributes and their values must match those in the specification. Attributes are evaluated by inspecting a file's header data and comparing values found within it to those listed in the specification. All common file types are supported, including MOV, MP4, MPG, MXF.

Note: If multiple specifications are selected, all files to be transferred together as a set must conform to a single specification to avoid a validation failure. For example, if you select an SD specification and an HD specification, all files to be uploaded together must be SD or HD.

Sending Failure Notifications

To inform people when a transfer fails validation, you can enable Send failure notifications to the following people when CloudSpeX validation fails and specify the email addresses of recipients. Recipients receive an email containing details about the failure, including a link to the validation report.

Note: These recipients do not need to be members of the portal.

You can allow files that fail validation to be uploaded anyway by enabling Allow the uploading of files that fail validation.