Enabling Send From Share

The Send from Share feature allows Share portal members to send download links allowing access to portal content. This feature may be of use to portal members who frequently distribute content that is already available on shared storage. Each Send from Share download is recorded as a download event against the recipient.

Recipients of Send from Share transfers only have permission to download links sent to them. They cannot log into the portal unless an operations administrator grants additional permissions.

For Share portal members to use the Send from Share feature, settings must be enabled in both the IT Administration Console and the Operations Administration Console at <yourURL>.mediashuttle.com/admin.

To allow unauthenticated download links:

On the Security tab in your IT Administration Console, Allow unauthenticated links for Download.

Note: Authenticated links are required by default.

To assign a Send from Share permission:

On the Members tab in your Operations Administration Console, select a portal member, assign them the Send from Share permission, and save the change.

Note: New portal members have the Send from Share permission enabled by default.

A Send from Share link expires by default after 30 days. You can change the Link Expiry period in your Operations Administration Console. The expiry period is displayed in the portal interface.

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