Managing Portal Members

As a portal administrator, you can manage portal member information on the Members page in your Portal Administration Console at <yourURL>

Adding a Portal Member

When adding a portal member, you must specify an email address. You can also select the portal display language, define an account expiry date, and assign permissions for the portal member.

To add a portal member:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter the member's name and email address.
  3. Select the portal Language.
  4. Select an Expiry date on the calendar picker. If the portal member doesn't require an expiry date, leave this field blank.
  5. Select Permissions. The available options will depend on the portal type.
  6. Enter additional Info, such as a company name, role/title, or phone number. (optional)
  7. Click Save Changes.

Once a new portal member is added, the Activation field displays the current activation status of the portal member.

Activation States:

  • Member has activated - The member has activated their account on an authenticated portal
  • Member has not activated - The member has not activated their account on Media Shuttle-authenticated and Media Shuttle/SAML-authenticated portals
    Note: This does not apply to SAML-only authenticated portals.
  • Unauthenticated portal - Member activation is not applicable

The Expiry field displays the current account expiry state of the portal member.

Expiry States:

  • Account never expires - The member's account has no expiry date configured
  • Account expires in X days/hours - The member's account will expire in the indicated number of days
  • Account expired X days ago - The member's account expired the indicated number of days ago

Note: These expiry states are also reflected in the Members list Status column. A green icon indicates no expiry, while yellow indicates an upcoming expiry and red shows an expired account.

Specifying Permissions

Member permissions differ depending on the portal type.

Send portal

Send and Receive permissions are available. In an authenticated Send portal, content can also be sent to people who are not portal members. These recipients are automatically added as members of the portal with receive-only permissions.

Note: You can only select Send to non-member if the Send to member permission is enabled.

Share portal

Send from Share and Auto Delivery are available. You can also configure permissions for individual folders.

Send from Share
When enabled, portal members can send content to members and non-members of the Share portal without requiring the recipient to log into the portal. See Enabling Send from Share.

Auto Delivery
The Auto Delivery option allows members to automatically upload content to, or download content from, a Share portal.

When Auto Delivery is enabled, portal members are prompted to download and install the Signiant App. After logging in, they must enable the Automatic toggle and specify whether Auto Delivery is to be used for upload or download.

In the Folders section, you can configure Upload, Download and File Operations permissions on a folder-by-folder basis. When you add a member, Portal Root is displayed by default and no permissions are set. You can set the Portal Root as the Home folder by setting its permissions.

To set a different folder as the Home folder:

  1. Click Change and select the folder. If the member's Home folder is not Portal Root, you can add folders and set permissions using Add Linked Folder.
  2. Click Select Folder.

Submit portal

Only the Submit permission is available.

Editing Portal Member Information

Changes can be made to all portal member details other than the email address.

To edit a portal member's information:

  1. Select the portal member from the Members list and click Edit.
  2. Make any changes and click Save Changes.

Removing Members from the Portal

To remove one portal member, select the member in the Members list and click Remove.

To remove multiple portal members, use Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (macOS) to select all the members to delete. Click Remove and confirm the removal.

Duplicating Portal Members

You can quickly add a new portal member by duplicating an existing portal member's language setting, permissions, account expiry date, and information.

To duplicate a portal member:

  1. In the Members list, select the portal member you want to duplicate.
  2. Click Duplicate.
  3. Enter the new portal member's details.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Resending Activation Emails

Every new member of an authenticated portal is sent an activation email that prompts them to activate their account and create a password. Note: This does not apply to SAML-only authenticated portals.

If a portal member forgets to activate their account or misplaces the Media Shuttle activation email message, the activation email can be resent.

To resend an activation email:

  1. In the Members list, select the unactivated member.
  2. Click Resend Activation Email.